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17 May 2020


Robin Carmody

I'm torn on all this - I find the way certain people are ignoring, almost exploiting, the deaths of innocent people to say "isn't the air cleaner now, and isn't it great that the super-rich have lost some of their wealth" moderately unsettling, and a sign of what I tend to see as their misanthropy and indifference towards humanity as a whole. But at the same time I am acutely aware that, by those criteria, you could condemn Attlee for exploiting the deaths of far more innocent people.

And however much I cannot be part of the New Old Left rhetoric which ignores the increase in domestic violence, better that than the usual resentment that education has evolved beyond the elite and the canon and that thinking about pop has evolved beyond the level of the 1960s fan mags, with the usual thinly-veiled desire to send the rest of us up chimneys again.

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