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31 December 2016


Roger McCarthy

Missed this when it was first posted but have to say a belated thanks for this post.

Been much preoccupied by death myself lately and
I already knew four of those texts (the Lewis's and the Trollope and I have to say even the Richard Adams - which your Disneyschmerz comment is so spot on about - as well) which have all meant a lot to me.

I did once know the Shakespeare but only because I used to work in Staines and I had quite forgotten the hostess bit.

Never encountered the de Beauvoir or the Housman though.

Bleak though they are these fragments are what we have to shore against our ruins...


Thanks. An obvious one I missed out was the Verses on the Death of Doctor Swift:-

My female Friends, whose tender Hearts
Have better learn'd to act their Parts.
Receive the News in doleful Dumps,
"The Dean is dead, (and what is Trumps?)
Then Lord have Mercy on his Soul.
(Ladies I'll venture for the Vole).
Six Deans they say must bear the Pall.
(I wish I knew what King to call.)
Madam, your Husband will attend
The Funeral of so good a Friend.
No Madam, 'tis a shocking Sight,
And he's engag'd 41 To-morrow Night!
My Lady Club wou'd take it ill,
If he shou'd fail her at Quadrill.
He lov'd the Dean. (I lead a Heart.)
But dearest Friends, they say, must part.
His Time was come, he ran his Race;
We hope he's in a better Place.


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