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04 January 2016


Robin Carmody

Not directly relevant to Scotland, but I can't help thinking that the people in places such as I live in (Dorset, as you know) who are most enthusiastic about the potential of social media etc. to give people new, fresher identities will be Left-wing and those most wary will be Right-wing - but in South Yorkshire or County Durham, it would be the other way round.

I hate Amazon reviews consisting entirely of "rhetorical questions and arrogant snorts" (an old Charlie Brooker line about the Daily Mail) as well, even more so when they represent causes which - in certain circles at least - have considerable Left cred as the Mail itself obviously doesn't. One thing that has always struck me is how virtually identical one-line reactionary posts are, whether they ostensibly come from the edges of communism or the edges of fascism.

Robin Carmody

This I fear is all too representative of the bad elements of Celtic (hard C) nationalism - Irish & Scottish alike:


There are innumerable legitimate and strong arguments to be used against the current UK government and its fellow travellers without reducing yourself to this.


The SNP are fine on antisemitism but there is a strong cross-over between the anti-Zionist far left and the Yessers. The SPSC is particularly noxious in Edinburgh, & have demonstrated outside of Israeli concerts.

Robin Carmody

Definitely feel (having just read another piece on that site) that Scotland may have become less welcoming towards Jews as a result of the broader political shift and realignment on that front within the UK, with non-metropolitan southern England becoming more welcoming for the same reasons.

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