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18 October 2013


Jim Denham

Not sure that he could really be described as a "social democrat" but apart from that I agree with everything you say about the wonderful Prof Norm -especially this:

"witty demolisher of other people's cant, an admirer of other people's talents, whether in cricket or music or novels on that blog that was as sparing of pictures as Le Monde used to be and was as unblinged as a nun's face. You knew him by his words which clearly and precisely exposed fatuity and showed the weakness of an argument."



Thanks Jim. I am very sad. I knew he was ill but thought/hoped that he was responding to treatment.

Is social democrat wrong? Should I have said "democratic socialist?"


Now up at normfest: http://normfest.org/2013/10/18/rosie-bell-norman-geras-1943-2013/

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