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03 May 2012



I have never seen Edward II, just a magnificent Tamburlaine at the Embra Festival in the early 70s and school productions of Faustus and, of all things, The Massacre of Paris. I admire the playwright greatly and agree that his death was a huge blow to the English theatre [unless he was indeed alive and secreted in Italy where he wrote the complete ouevre of the Stratford Man (not)]. I taught for 20 years at a school founded by the man who played Faustus and Tamburlaine, a connection in which I delight.

Ronda Scott-Marak

Sir Anthony Quayle as Falstaff was beyond marvelous


@ Ronda

You're right there. A great performance. Falstaff's public humiliation is a hard thing to listen to.

Tony french

Superb programme. In 1977, it fired my love of Shakespeare just when, at 20 years old, I was ripe and ready for it. It was an event which I'll never forget.

Tony french

And incidentally, I've still got the programme which you could write away and get a copy of back then.

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