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18 February 2012


John Barclay

Very sad to hear about Fritz passing away, I'm sure he won't be forgotten and will be missed in the local music scene. He always struck me as a really nice guy, despite the heavy image and he was a pretty good drummer.


Hi Rosie

I was your guitarist in the nascent FRAK. I remember it all well, driving out with Fritz in my wee Nova to your place near Roseburn. Usually he'd persuade me to stop & uplift some Cider and tobacco for his fuel. Battering through "Error, Access Denied", "A Song That I Wrote" and of course "The Last Band To Play Top Of The Pops", there were some other good ones too. Such sad news.


Thanks for the message, Stewart. Yes, it was sad. There's going to be a gig in Bannermans on 15 April - some of us are getting together to play FRAK songs.

Brian - Shatterhand


We (Shatterhand) only just found out about Fritz's passing. We got our first gigs through him and he gave us encouraging words and support. We lost touch and through chance found out about him only today... he was indeed a legend and I am sure I still have some Full Moon reviews somewhere.


Thanks Brian. I remember you guys playing at the Full Moon. There's going to be a gig on 9th December at Bannermans to release the DVD that was made of the memorial gig for Fritz.

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