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20 December 2011


Frank S

Good work, Rosie. Such an ill-natured piece by Georgie at this time is tawdry to say the least, and I speak as one who does not have, overall, an admiration for Hitchens. But I do not regard him with the contempt I hold for Mr Galloway. Hitchens was a victim of a youthful attraction to socialism, an attraction which he really ought to have outgrown with the end of his adolescence. Unfortunately it took a lot longer than that, and I think he never really got the poison out of his system. But he wrote like a dream, and he came across as ruthlessy honest and penetrating. Someone you would be pleased to welcome into your home. Unlike Mr Galloway, whom, I do regret to say, I would not find welcome in my cesspit.


Frank, if you welcomed GG to your cesspit, all the cess would walk out in high dudgeon, leaving you and him in the pit.

Frank S


Frank S

Just found a kindred spirit to cheer me up:

'After a lifetime of studying the left, I have concluded that leftism is a form of moral poison. It causes otherwise decent and kind people who take it into their systems to say and/or do cruel and sometimes evil things.'


Andrew Coates

Rosie, as I began Galloway's 'piece' as we fellow writers call it, I thought this was your own parody.

Although it is not, it's a good laugh - *at* not with.


This gave me a good laugh Rosie! The really tragic thing is that you can see that George Galloway genuinely believes he is fit to measure himself in the same league as Hitchens

Chas N-B

Magnificent piece.

He's a funny old freak, is GG!


I think Galloway was too kind to the repulsive poisonous little toad that was Christopher Hitchens. He could have mentions his misogyny, racism and betrayal of his wife and friends - and that's just for starters.

Hitchens was a pathological liar and cheerleader for a war which killed hundreds of thousands and wrecked the lives of millions.

You should mourn the victims, not the criminal.

Hitchens was the Julius Streicher of the pseudo-left.


Excellent fisking. It is truly toe-curling how Galloway desperately recycles his 'greatest' 'witticisms'.

But this sums it all up:

"My dear, plug your work in the visual media as you will, your most popular appearance on YouTube will continue to be pretending to be a cat in a red leotard."



[My dear, plug your work in the visual media as you will, your most popular appearance on YouTube will continue to be pretending to be a cat in a red leotard.]

Galloway took part in Big Brother in order to raise money for charity and made more than £100,000. I doubt if Hitchens has donated a penny to any charity. In fact he used to sponge off and even steal from his colleagues.

Let's not forget when H itchenstook money from the far-right bigot Richard Mellon Scaife to grass up friends like Sidney Blumenthal, earning the nickname Hitch the Snitch.


A tiny footnote. I was re-reading this when I noticed the Groucho Marx quote which GG deploys well, and it reminded me of Hitchens' own paraphrase (without attribution) of same in an interview in 1993. Summing up the Labour Party's electoral strategy: "Here are our principles, and if you don’t like them, we’ll change them.” Alas, even truer now.


Excellent fisking, Rosie.

Being not quite sure of the term, I looked it up: "blogosphere slang describing a point-by-point criticism that highlights perceived errors, or disputes the analysis in a statement, article, or essay" (Guess where from.)

So GG fisks himself, in one long cesspit of a point.

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