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30 October 2011



Welcome back! What an ordeal.

Sarah AB

Indeed. We once had to vacate our house for a month or two because of a fire caused by the spontaneous combustion of a linseed oil soaked rag - very stressful.


Andrew Coates

You managed to keep going after all that!

We like you all the more Rosie.


Thanks very much for your good wishes, but I wasn't living in a box powering my laptop with a bicycle. I was staying in two comfortable flats, so leading a fairly normal life.

However since my return the drains have collapsed, causing flooding in the bathroom, and another round of tussles with builders, insurance, plumbers etc.

Linseed oil soaked rag - someone had cleaned their cricket bat and left the rag lying around?


My father was a maintenance engineer who began his apprenticeship in 1936 and completed his training servicing aero engines in the Western Desert. Towards the end of his life he would look at such workmanship as was being done by younger men and shake his head with 'It's jist no' a job..' I hope that you get better from your own builders/plumbers and are settled in well for Christmas after that lengthy absence from home.


@ Allan - your father would have had something to say about builders who drop grouting, bits of tile, plaster dust etc down the toilet. These form a cement in the drains, so that they back up and my upstairs neighbour's waste water pours into my bathroom.

It's been quite a saga and friends and colleagues have heard about nothing else for the last 3 weeks or so.


I'm usually firmly against the death penality. But.


Very interesting. As long as everyone is safe and the job got done.

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