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25 September 2011



In the great tradition of the Mothers' 'We're Only In It for the Money' with its acerbic shredding of the 'wear a flower in your hair' loopiness.



I was so unhip I only really became acquainted with the hits of the 90s via a Weird Al hooked on medley, in a polka style.

I finally learnt the words of SLTS when teaching Italian teenagers English in Wales. They brought in mp3s of their favourite songs, and I gave them all cloze sheets, to fill in the missing words as they listened. It was how I got hip, every summer.

(BTW, I got here via your name on the SU Gilad Atzmon thread, in case you think I am some weird/random stalker (can a stalker be random?))

Sarah AB

Very good - my son is a Weird Al Yankovic fan. (He's much hipper than me.)

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