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17 September 2011



A very palpable hit!


Hari must be a terribly insecure bloke eh? What antics.

PS: You're right about the Assange post at Shiraz, rather distasteful with its gratuitous use of "thoroughly evil mental case".

How noticeable that there is not an ounce of self-awareness in that post at Shiraz, or anything approaching a subtle grasp of the issues.

sackcloth and ashes

'When I recorded and typed up any conversation, I found something odd: points that sounded perfectly clear when you heard them being spoken often don’t translate to the page. They can be quite confusing and unclear. When this happened, if the interviewee had made a similar point in their writing (or, much more rarely, when they were speaking to somebody else), I would use those words instead'.

Well, that's most odd Johann, because with your 'interview' with Malalai Joya practically everything she says to you is actually lifted from her memoir:




Insecure, certainly, and for good reason, since he must have feared that he would be rumbled some time.


I see today's Private Eye is using your 'mea minima culpa' in re Hari...


Plagiarists! Off to retraining, the lot of them.

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