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07 August 2011



That Clouston tomb is a stunner among several splendidly atmospheric photies. I hadn't realised he was the father of the very minor novelist, J Storer Clouston, author of 'The Lunatic At Large' [1893]........


Yeah - I wonder if Clouston the younger was using the word "lunatic" colloquially and writing a comic novel about some hapless individual, or whether he was drawing on his father's work in a mental asylum.


The choice of language in the title is unfortunate, I agree. He was only 23 when he wrote the novel and it's years since I read it but the eponymous hero seemed not to be mocked or pitied but celebrated as an anarchic force of nature upsetting late Victorian social life. The book could be placed, perhaps, besides such subversive minor work of the late 19th century as Anstey's 'Vice Versa' or Stevenson's 'The Wrong Box.' My copy has survived two downsizing moves and is next on the re-read list.

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