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15 June 2011


Frank S

Another deluded fanatic exposed for all the world to see. The harm such people cause is presumably incalculable, but at least this one has been hobbled.

Andrew Coates

Absolutely. Well said.

It is egotism so far gone it's hard to find the words for him.

sackcloth and ashes

I've already posted my comments on Shiraz, but I'm also wondering about the following.

If Amina's American creator was a Republican who was also a fervent supporter of Israel, would the Staggers be making any excuses for his behaviour?

It is egotism so far gone it's hard to find the words for him.

Someone had a good try. An American I think - nothing like good American invective.

Hoax or not, what he did was important. See, if he hadn’t done this, journalists might have focused their attention on the real people suffering in Syria. The problem there is that those people just aren’t dramatic enough. He gave us a better story, a better character. He had a great narrative arc going. And since it was fiction, the character wasn’t really in any danger, which makes for a happier ending. Who would journalists have given their attention to if not for this guy? Someone like Hamza al-Khateeb? Ugh. They started to cover him before this hoax, and let’s face it, it was depressing. That’s a little too real for my tastes. Seriously, who would want to watch a movie based on Hamza? Nobody, that’s who. But the Gay Girl in Damascus? There’s your Sundance hit right there. It still could be a Sundance hit. Just add the hoax angle at the end and you’ve got a great Catfish kind of twist to knock people on their asses. That’ll really get them talking about the struggles of the Syrian people. It really brings the story home for Western audiences. Just make sure this guy gets a big check. And a book deal. Yup. I know it’s obvious and I know I’m not the only one thinking this, but let me just say, Tom MacMaster is a hero. And the Syrian people are lucky to have an advocate like him. I wish I had a lying, self-absorbed, egomaniac fuck face publicly advocating for my rights and freedom. Yes. Tom MacMaster, the new face of the Syrian Revolution.


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