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22 May 2011



Nice! This is intriguing. I tend to stay off bikes, confirmed pedestrian. But having walked the Essex Way (I live in Essex) I've come to find the East too flat to walk - you can see so far in every direction that the mystery goes out of it. It's possible to feel quite trapped, even. Maybe speed would help... The fens by bike might be fantastic.

Here's my last walking/camping thing:

PS I don't like the Cotswolds much. Prefer stuff that goes up to stuff that goes down. Yorkshire Dales excepted, I guess. Oh I'm just talking bollocks...


I had already read your account of your coastal path walk, which looked great. I've seen a bit of that coast on a cycle trip in Dorset once - a most beautiful cycle with steep climbs to ridges and then long cycles along the ridges, and, of course, that beautiful coast and lovely villages.

I must say I can't imagine walking in places like the Fens and Lincolnshire. It is so flat and seems endless. For cycling I prefer rolling country - Dumfries and Galloway is perfect, with a mixture of woods, river valleys and coast.

I won't camp any more though. I have done it, but it doubles the load on the bike.

I love Denmark

Love the pictures, especially the ones of the cat in the toilet. I have had many adventures on my biking holidays, most recently I have taken the kids on a biking holiday. My youngest goes in a trailer at the back of my bike, and my oldest child is a real good rider now, so manages to keep up with me and his dad. Biking gives an amazing sense of freedom and should not be under estimated.

denmark cycling

It is unbelievable to think that there are so many nice roads to cycle around in the area surrounding Stansted Airport. The photos are fantastic, love the ones with the Union Jack flag on.

Jeff's (Cheap mountain bikes) Maxis

Beautiful pictures, North Essex seems very quiet, never been there. What is it like?

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