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09 April 2011


organic cheeseboard

I'm not particularly a fan of Assange, but as with a lot of writing on him, especially at Harry's Place, the anti-Assange hysteria sems to be caused by his apparent position as some sort of 'hero of the left' as you discuss above.

I simply don't see this in the mainstream UK press, or indeed on the mainstream left. A piece by John Pilger which isn't all that supportive, a cover of, er, Italian Rolling Stone, and a few posts on Socialist Unity?

I don't really buy it. 1942 analogies aside, what is the actual problem people have with him?


The Hindustan Times was a little scathing about it - not a hero, but a god.


Most Britons don’t do God very well. Although the overwhelming majority of them described themselves as Christians in the last census 10 years ago, fewer than 6% of Christians actually turn up for service on Sundays.

But things were looking good for Man Upstairs last Saturday afternoon in this land
of atheists, as close to 800 people queued outside Kensington Town Hall in west-central London to hear the words of God.

For nearly two hours young men and women turned the massive public auditorium into their own temple of democracy, stomping, clapping and whistling in adoration of the man they had come to hear, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

I would guess that those young men and women would regard themselves as being on the left.

Surely you remember last year when the rape charges surfaced, good leftist feminists like Naomi Wolf forgot their feminism in favour of their leftism to dump on the women who had made the charges? If you look at posts on Liberal Conspiracy at the time you can see the accusations of CIA stooge chucked at anyone who suggested that perhaps these charges should be investigated?

In fact in the post on Liberal Conspiracy on JA's anti-semitism, his admirers flock, asking that his side of the story should be told - which as some of the commenters say, wasn't allowed to the alleged rape victims, who were dismissed out of hand.


This issue of the New Statesman, the classical journal of the left, carries a fairly dull essay by him as one of its big features. JA can't write and he isn't really a man of ideas. But he has this spread because of his status as the Data Receiver.

So, I think his hero status among the left is well established. Quite a lot of it is deserved in fact, as I pointed out in my piece.

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