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13 March 2011



Talking of being pissed off, it's a little miffing to post the requested apology on Shiraz, and to find that I've been banned anyway.
I might also have added that 47 Morto Che Prada is a 50s Italian film, so it's not like it is likely to be a birth certificate styley name.


I didn't ban you myself. I've released your apologies from spam so they will show. Jim may unban you - that's up to him.


Not the last one. Maybe if you said what the e-mail address is for that site is I wouldn't bother you here. Though I'm not that bothered , if Jim can't remember why he banned me the last time I'm hardly expecting much rational thinking to be going on.


Skidmuck - the last one has gone off into cyberspace somewhere and I'm not inclined to go chasing it.

If Jim is beyond rational thinking it seems rather a waste of your time to read his posts and then go on to a comments thread and argue with what he says.

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