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28 August 2010



Try it as a disabled person makes even better reading, the remark i get when somebody stops to talk, they never look at me but speak to the wife, how is he to day. The remarks I get are down the line of retard, or whats the matter mate lost your legs dick less as well, I've been assaulted twice once ending back in hospital.

So nice Tits or a smack in the mouth it's the sad world we live in


What makes you furious is that you have no effective come-back. Swearing or fuck off gestures usually attract laughter or escalated abuse or an amazed huffiness.

I know it does only make me look foolish, but when I get racially harassed on the street I do respond with verbal fireworks swearing, cause it does make me feel better. I'm not sure what can be done about bullying pricks like that...

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