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01 August 2010


Sarah AB

Very telling! I think some people will use the views of 'western feminists' towards women in other cultures to damn women/feminists *no matter what those views, the positions taken towards non-western women, happen to be*. At the moment the meme is, indeed, 'western women are letting Muslim women down'. But this quote from a comment on a CIF piece “How ridiculous does it appear when rich white handbag-toting feminists pontificate to the world about the conditions of poorer women. How racist is that?”


shows how easy it would be to slip into the alternative, Said meme, if that was useful.


I wonder if they say anything similar about eg writers in rich liberal countries showing support for writers banged up in jails in poorer ones, or trade unionists, or Christians, or political activists of any stripe. Or does it just apply to women? Does anyone say, How dare a trade unionist from a rich country who has a car and a house stand up and shout his/her support for a trade unionist who is being jailed in Iran or Cuba or wherever. I thought there was a moral imperative for the privileged to help out the unprivileged if they can.

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