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28 August 2010


Brigada Flores Magon

Thanks for this thoughtful review. An old friend told me that the bit that annoyed him most was the section on the suposedly witty 'word games' which he reckoned would have embarrassed the fourth form: very laddish and not at all amusing.


A friend of mine who's normally a Hitchens fan said he cringed at the stuff about Amis et al.


Rosie, I also very much enjoyed your review, which I linked to in this post:


I was wondering whether you'd consider doing the odd guest post for us at The Dabbler? We have a number of regular features which guests have taken on, such as the 1p Book Review and 6 Clicks for the Endless Voyage. But we're flexible.

I believe you'll have my email from this comment - do please get in touch.

Best wishes

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