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31 December 2009


Frank S

A chasm is opening up between Muslims and the rest of humanity because of their beliefs. They can only live at peace with others if they ignore those beliefs. Awful. Your other examples of lefties like Tariq Ali do not have a belief system which calls for death and terror to anyone who either leaves that system, or criticises it, or fails to be subdued by it. There is a huge difference, as your last sentence makes clear. Decent people born into this system have a huge problem on their hands, one which seems to be getting worse the more they ignore it. Anyway, Happy New Year to them, and to you!


Happy New Year! I've just been reading an interesting article/discussion about this issue on the Times Higher website. It's tempting to think that this man should have been somehow spotted or dealt with by UCL - but maybe that wouldn't have been appropriate at the time - eg the talk 'terrorism v jihad' implies to me that jihad is being held up as *different* from terrorism.


Happy New Year to both of you.

Frank S - ignoring beliefs is what the religious do. How many Christians do you know who give all their goods to the poor? Only a minority of saints and/or fanatics, thankfully, live up to every tenet of their religion. Hypocrisy and inconsistency are the usual methods for peaceful co-existence.

Sarah - it is a quandry for the UCL. I don't know what they should be doing. I suppose they'll keep a closer eye on Islamic societies and their speakers & bring them to book if they invite jihadist style speakers - Mr Grant does seem to have the powers to do that under the Education Act he mentions. However, I really don't know how these things work.

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