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15 December 2009


Frank S

You are honest, and think for yourself. As it happens, I know a bit about climate and weather. The big problem about disentangling cause and effect is first of all that the system is very complex, with lots of interactions, and secondly that it display a lot of variation on a wide range of space and time. Manmade CO2 is a small proportion of the atmospheric CO2, and this in turn is a tiny part of the atmosphere. An atmosphere dominated by heat transfers from the equator to the poles every day, and where water in all its phases plays a major role. In this mighty system, CO2 seems to have a very modest role indeed, and overall seems to respond to rather than drive climate. The IPCC relied on one 'scientist' to finalise what in effect were press releases released up to four months ahead of the main reports. The releases were alarmist, almost all the scientists behind the reports were not. See http://www.cfact.tv/2009/12/07/lord-monckton-on-climategate-at-the-2nd-international-climate-conference/ for a 30 minute or so briefing on some of the skullduggery involved. My conclusion so far? There is no evidence whatsoever of anything unusual happening with the climate - warm winters, cold winters - nothing odd at all about this variability. No grounds at all for any alarm.

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