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05 December 2009



Christmas is coming. You could set up a paypal appeal.


Hmm I think that might generate enough to buy one page, in fact one nano-short definition of a word which has practically no history. Eg "paypal".


When I first read your comment I found it difficult to think exactly how I would use those words. But later I reflected that I definitely do use 'masterful' in the wrong way. I asked my husband to define 'masterful' and it turned out he also used it wrongly. And we've both got PhDs in English! The disinterested/uninterested thing really annoys me even though logically I accept that a word's meaning is ultimately defined by usage rather than by what the dictionary says.


Well there are synonyms for both "masterful" and "masterly" so it's not all loss. As we are told, languages change.

However, the sentences "he was masterly in bed" and "he was masterful in bed" should conjure up different, if not mutually exclusive, ways of going about things.

"Disinterested" is a loss, though. I don't think "impartial" is exactly the same.

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