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22 October 2009


Frank S

Great post. Captured the fatuously febrile BBC atmosphere to a T! Not much good came from the QT itself - other than to provide yet more evidence of the shallowness of Jack Straw, the petulance of Chris Huhn, and the bias of Mr Dimbleby. Baroness Warsi came over well - as quite sharp and lucid. But the star may have been Bonnie Greer, for keeping so calm, and with the occasional thoughful comment.


The two women were the best value. Also, as well as being articulate and intelligent, they are classy women with beautiful voices and both are good looking. They are also of the non-white complexion that Gargoyle would like to offer voluntary repatriation to. Who wouldn't rather have those two as fellow citizens than the lumpenGriffin?

Curious Freedom

Seeing as you like my comment I thought I'd post here too, word for word:


I don't publish comments by Nazis.

Curious Freedom

Sexist shite deleted.

Curious Freedom

More sexist and fuckwitted crap. Very tedious.

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