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29 September 2009



Well said. The lefties of Hollywood are sinking further into their moral cesspit over this as well. See http://community.livejournal.com/ohnotheydidnt/39618660.html

Brigada Flores Magon

Quite right. Analogy with the ancien régime is spot on. Sadly,or not, depending on how highly you rate his work [and 'The Alchemist' with Ken Campell as Subtle was the funniest evening I've spent in a theatre] Ben Jonson got off a murder rap by being able to recite his 'neck verse' in Latin--the so-called 'benefit of clergy.' They branded his thumb with a T for Tyburn instead.....

Gregory A. Butler

First of all, a brief lesson in American Justice.

America is a federal republic - crimes such as rape are prosecuted by local district attorneys, who are STATE officials, typically elected by the voters in their county or city, who have NOTHING TO DO with the US Department of Justice, a FEDERAL agency.

So it is prosecutors from the office of the Los Angeles County District Attorney who have been after Polanski for 31 years.

As for plea bargains, they are deals between the prosecutor and the defense attorney - the defendant pleads guilty, and the prosecutor SUGGESTS a sentence to the judge.

The judge is perfectly free to THROW OUT the suggested sentence, and impose any sentence he/she wishes to.

In Polanski's case, he wanted to do 42 days in a cushy private mental hospital for his savage act of pedophilia.

The judge - as was his right - said NO, because the sentence did not fit the crime.

At that point, Polanski wussed out and fled jurisdiction, instead of facing the music and doing his time.

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