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17 June 2009


Brigada Flores Magon

Thanks for posting on this. There's a dearth of good Henderson stuff on the net but some fine material on CD. 'A' The Bairns O' Adam' is worthwhile and I'm told that its producer Dr Fred Freeman, ex-School of Scottish Studies, has another Henderson CD in the pipeline. Oh, and Henderson also translated Gramsci's 'Letters from Prison' which made entry into Italy difficult for him for a time.

Zoe Herdman

Although my father taught me this from the earliest age, the words he used never included the swearing. However, of all the versions I can find, this comes closest to the way he and his comrades sang it. The last verse is all the more moving because of the contrast with the caustic vigour of the preceeding verses.


Having a family reunion with younger members who want to know what Granddad and G/Granddad did in the war. He was in the 8th Army and his younger brother in the 1st. Both were in N Africa and Italy and his brother never returned.
Best version of D-D Dodgers I have heard and will be played to them - swear word and all..


Glad you'll be playing it, Derek. A reunion sounds excellent. My own father was in the Pacific Islands and told us bits and pieces about his experiences. I'm sorry I never asked him for the full story and now it's too late.

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