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20 May 2009



Thank you for the tag. I will muse a while. Trouble is, I love my family at friends, being at home, gardening, reading, blogging and listening to other people play music, but that just wouldn't do would it.

Certainly my job is not on the list, although might be facing redundancy which gives me some perspective. (Too much fucking perspective, as they say in Spinal Tap.)


"at": meant "and".


I don't normally do those tag things - think of your five favourite songs or whatever - but this one is so easy I went ahead. Then thought of loads more today:- cats; birds; (two loves which co-exist uneasily); good tea, beer and whisky; the sea; Edinburgh; most of New Zealand excluding some of the cities; wasteland growing with buddleia; and on and on.

Yeah, redundancy is worrying. At my firm we have taken 2 weeks unpaid leave, i.e. a padded pay cut. It was that or else they would consider redundancies.


I finally did this! Took me just two months...

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