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21 January 2009


Ophelia Benson

"What really did move me was when veterans of the Civil Rights movement were interviewed, and were in tears."

Yeah. But that would have been a lot less moving (and perhaps some of the veterans would have been less moved) if the new president had been someone else - Al Sharpton, say. The fact that it was someone like Obama ramped up the emotionality enormously...because there was no compromise, no need to compromise, no trade-off, no 'well he's not that great but he is the first African-American...' It was the combination of the first African-American and the conspicuously impressive qualities of the guy that made the orgy of sentiment possible and in fact very difficult to resist (I didn't even try) and also that made it so very broad (which again ramped it up some more).

Viewed in that light, I think the rhetoric played its part, and in fact was probably kind of necessary. I mean...people were wound up, man, and they (we) needed something like a nice flowery speech. We needed it all - we needed Aretha's hat, and everything.


I'm all for Aretha's hat. It looked fine on Aretha's head, and in Aretha's head and body is that voice.

But I don't care for high-flown rhetoric, but hey, it wasn't my party.

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