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13 October 2008


Alec Macpherson

What's striking is that the people singing are either men under 40 or women, i.e. not people who fought in the Great War. The old man is distinctly unimpressed.


you never know to whom tomorrow belongs to.
Ironically enough, modern (uneducated) nazis love this song.


Yes, there's some very scary neo-nazi posts about this song "singing" its praises and smirking about using a song written by Jews as an anti-Semetic anthem. Is there anything more delusional than a neo-nazi?
I always thought the melody reminded me of the old German "Lorelei" song -- which would be symbolically appropriate. Lorelei were the mythological maidens who (Siren-like) lured boatmen on the Rhine to their destruction -- crashing on the rocks. "Tomorrow" for the nazis meant death and destruction for themselves and their victims.

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