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12 October 2008



Anything more recent?

Oh, I'm embarassed to refer to both of these, as their artistry or beauty is extremely minimal (but I did have to look up the artist of the latter):

"Money Talks" by the Adventures of Stevie V (1990,
"It's All About The Money" by Meja (1998)

(I'm not sure the lyrics of the latter make very much sense, anyway)

Ah...but...something good musically AND lyrically..and kind of Thatcherite/American Dream in its message.... (depending on how you look at it): "Opportunities (Let's Make Lots Of Money" by the Pet Shop Boys (1987)

and "Love Your Money" by Daisy Chainsaw (1991) - crazy screaming woman who used to hit the blazered guitarist. I saw them third-on-the-bill at a gig in London in '91 when PJ Harvey were second-on-the bill (Courtney Love's Hole were top, they were abysmal: the other two acts were first rate)

and "It's Yer Money I'm After Baby" by the Wonder Stuff (1988) - selfexplanatory title, a not unpleasant jangly thing. B-side of the single, "Astley in the Noose", also has one of those...

I'm sorry to list these: I'd rather make intelligent comment about Evelyn Waugh (and the quite correct distinction you draw between him and Chesterton), but alas lowbrow stuff it is

Go here and type "money" and you might find more that spring to mind...

Mal Function

And of course there's Frank Zappa's album "We're only in it for the money" (just the album title, no track with that name), Pretenders with "Brass In Pocket", Alice Cooper's "Billion Dollar Babies", "Money for Nothing" by Dire Straits, "You Never Give me your Money" also by the Beatles and, a bit tenuously, the Dresden Dolls with "Coin Operated Boy".

And what about performers? Johnny Cash, 50 Cent, Dollar, Sixpence none the richer...


Thanks guys - I see that the subject has grown arms, legs and lungs and I'll have to rewrite my piece.

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