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03 August 2008



As someone with a love-hate relationship with the LRB, I found this post spot on - I've linked to it at my blog (see URL). And congratulations on a splendid blog - just added you to my blogroll.
All the best


Thanks Martin. I just got my new copy of LRB and the perverse swine have no articles on Israel this issue. That's two Israelless issues in the last couple of months! What's going on here?

I feel slightly put out - like when you tell X, oh Y is a total monster, and then you and X run into Y and Y is charming and friendly and couldn't be nicer.

Tanya Jeffries

Someone forwarded me this piece of idiocy. A Zionist neocon in Edinburgh? Why is Sarah Palin not on the list of the Great and the Good...

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