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28 May 2008



So, howsabout a watching site for watching sites?

John Dolan

Hey, Rosie, thanks for blogging my article. If you like that one, you'll love this one:



Several things occur to me re that comment:-

1. If that comment was by John Dolan, he shows his usual inability to read as obviously I did not like his article.

2. If that comment was by John Dolan, I wonder that he has time to bother with my blog, as he is presumably out researching the modern world and women as he thought C S Lewis should, and I wouldn’t want to think he was the kind of bloke who didn’t practice what he preached to dead writers.

On the other hand, given that he doesn’t read the writers that he does write about, perhaps he has got that kind of time to spare.

3. If that comment was by John Dolan, no thank you, once Dolaned, twice shy. I can honestly say that I shall never voluntarily read an article by John Dolan, as life is too short to read crap.

4. I don’t think that comment was by John Dolan but probably by one of his admirers, and any admirer of John Dolan must be a semi-literate at best, so I am not inclined to read what he or she links to.

John Dolan

Uh, I was kidding, Bluebell. The trouble with you Brits (or rather, Kiwi wannabes) is that you can't understand our American sense of irony.


I think that John's going to set up "Rosie Bell Watch" soon. Won't that be a treat, given the sophisticated fare we've been offered to date? (Cue flashing sign saying IRONY.)


Sorry I didn’t catch your American irony, JD. I assumed you were one of your British admirers, and the “glad you liked it” trope tends to be abandoned after high school here.

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