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20 January 2008



The weirdest thing about this seems to me to be this; if Mary Beard doesn't want Rupert Murdoch's website to call her "wickedly subversive" can't she just ask them to take it off the site? I heard Mr Dimbleby say the same thing, ascribing it to her, and thought exactly the same as you.
2 further points. 1. Congrats on keeping your comments open to Plebs like me who don't have fancy accounts. Its getting to be quite difficult to comment on some folks' websites - its coming down to you and the estimable Mr Ryley who have the open door policy.
2. I just can't believe you like that Arthur Strong, but I've clearly lost that one.....


I'd love to hear Arthur Strong bumble about expecting to meet the "sticky salacious" or "thickly suspicious" Mary Beard.

I have a come one, come all attitude to comments but can't say that I'm inundated with them.


Take it you didn't make Count Arthur's show in Manchester last night?

By the way, Prof Beard is so right about rail travel and how much more expensive it is than budget air travel. I tried to get a one week return from Manchester to Derry recently and Ryanair just beat Virgin rail hands down. Even with the Terravision coach to John Lennon Airport as well.


No, my liking for Count Arthur is limited to listening to him for half an hour on the radio if he happens to be on.

Train travel is grossly expensive here. It's my preferred means of travel but it costs a fortune and the finding cheap tickets website is Byzantine.


Hello all. Gosh I hadnt realised that Any Q had such attentive listeners.
On "wickedly subversive" (not "seditious" NB), I THINK the writer had in mind (eg) my LRB piece on 9/11 (subversive enough to attract anonymous death threats..) and on rape (also in LRB)... and "groping" (in TLS).
To be honest, I dont think that I would have chosen "wickedly subversive" (for all the obvious reasons)... but REMOVING it draws a different kind of attention to it, dont you think?


Two quick points.
1. Having a life, it was a trailer for Any Questions that I heard, not the show. Sorry. I was out with friends at a rather fine new restaurant in Manchester's Northern Quarter called Ning when the show was on. Advert for Ning over.
2. I thought the point of blogging was to say what YOU think, not what an editor wants to say for you. I think Mary should write her own self-description for the blog - which looks pretty interesting by the way. I'm perhaps easily impressed here because I had to stop latin at the end of my first year of secondary education because my performance was so poor. Thus ended my brush with the classics.


Mary:- I was listening to Any Q in the interests of research. It would never be playing on my radio in any other circumstances.

Sorry I scrambled "seditious" and "subversive". "Subversion" is the lesser charge. I've edited the post accordingly.

Removing it would show that, on reflection, it's not a good idea to be so described and have other people describing you so (especially when they say that you describe yourself that way). It gets up my nose, for one. There are probably others out there who feel the same.

Death threats? Death threats? But anyone who is anyone gets death threats these days. I don't, but then, I'm nobody.

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