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18 November 2007


David Pertuz


I enjoyed your post, because I suspect I enjoy biking as much as you do, but think that perhaps you could lighten up a bit. I have loved cars my entire life, own four, and work for an automaker. I also love bikes, own three, and ride about 2500 miles/year. I would ride to work if it were practical. P.J. O'Rourke (whom I find very funny, but that's just my taste), wrote a similar piece about 20 years ago, with the same tone, on the grievous meance posed by pedestrians. As we are both pedestrians we coult take offense at him for this too but would both probably agree that it would be a bit silly! I am a "petrolhead" but know better than to take someone like O'Rourke serously - he is a humorist, after all.


Thank you for your nice comment David. I thought I had written rather in PJO's style of exaggerated diatribe and my post was supposed to be amusing.

Like you I've found PJO funny in the past tho' I think he has gone off a lot lately. He likes pricking pomposity, as do I - and no one is more pompous or self-righteous than a petrolhead asserting their right to rule the roads.


I'm not anti-car (as even a cursory glance at my website will prove) but they are a rather silly way of traversing our cities.

I can get to work on my bike in 15 minutes. I once accepted the offer of a lift home in the pouring rain, and it took nearly an hour. A great piece, beating O'Rourke at his own game.

By the by, am I one of the few people who enjoys both Monbiot's writings and Clarkson on Top Gear?


I see from your blog you live in Edinburgh. And of course the Council has made it more and more difficult for cars to traverse the city. When I am in a car and the driver is trying to remember the route through one-way, no access and bollard blocked road system
I think there is a giant behavioural psychologist above us, monitoring our movements like rats in mazes. Which of course I am pleased about - thwart the city drivers in every way.

I really liked George Monbiot for the skewering he gave to 9/11 conspiracy theorists and tho' I don't watch Top Gear Jeremy Clarkson has brought a smile to my reluctant lips when I read his columns in The Times. I would like more humour on the environmentalist side of things. Green politics has a rather frumpy image I'm afraid.


I agree with Rosie, I am a keen cyclist (both on and off road) but also a car user and lover. I could not be without my car (simply couldnt get to and do my other sports) without one. I choose to live out of cities (I love the country) and still choose to ride to work, yet when its aweful weather and I'm ill, I'll take a car.

Unfortunately the exaggerated rantings of blogs like this and the equal anti-cycling rants do nothing for either side. The fact is we need to work together and live together. There are people who do and enjoy both - this doesnt make them evil/stupid etc. There is no reason to break the law, be it in a car OR on a bike.

Maybe when the two sides learn to work together, instead of against each other, we might make some progress. Until then I expect a lot more of these pointless rants.

Nunya Biz

"Amusing" would imply funny. Humourous. Entertaining.

None of which it was.

Merely petulant bike-naziism.

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