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14 January 2012



The recent adaptation of A Tale of Two Cities on Radio 4 was terrible, but not in the way it should be. It even mucked up the final words of Sydney Carton and his conversation with the seamstress (the best part of the book, possibly the only good bit, aside from the mob action). Oh dear.

Andrew Coates

I love Dickens myself, for all his warts (I just re-read David Copperfield and the second half is largely a mess).

Yes he's teaming, yes he's sentimental (will people never let that one go), and yes, he's melo-melo.

But he's wonderfully acute and if you let it roll on the novels are a ride that I at least don't want to stop.

Trollope? Having recently read The Way We live Now it's too smooth and wordy. It lacks depth. Compare Dicken's Murdle with Melmotte.

I like Dickens and I like Blazac, together they are good foundation for 19th century literature.

Not that Eliot, Thackeray, the Brontes aren't wonderful too.

Thanks btw Rosie for the tip from John Sutherland. I looked at that in one of his books, and you stumble across lots of other gems.

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