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27 June 2011


Steve Dean

The picture of the French Heroes is a masterpiece, but liitle known about it. Does anyone know where it resides now?

Andrew Coates

A very sound list - I'd almost forgotten Sokal.

Oen to add.

Tony Benn is very good at imitating people.

He once phoned up Robin Blackburn (New Left Review) and pretended to be from the BBC enquiring if Blackburn would be interested in giving the Reith Lectures.

Robin fell for it!


John Payne Collier was a forger rather than a hoaxer but his deceits have muddied the waters in the library to which he gained access in the early 19th century. This was at Dulwich College which held, and still holds, the papers of two great theatrical figures of Shakespeare's time: Edward Alleyn and his father in law Philip Henslowe. Collier inserted his own material into genuine documents in an attempt to give substance to his theories about Shakespeare. Only recently a line recording Alleyn's purchase for 6d of a copy of Shakespeare's Sonnets, long considered a Collier interpolation, was proved by palaeographers to be genuine. The man should have been sent to Botany Bay at least.


I'm impressed to hear that Tony Benn is a good mimic, because he has such a distinctive voice and has so often been imitated/lampooned himself.

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