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26 June 2011


Recruiting Animal

I thought that the girls were much better than him.

Wd never listen to him again. Might listen to them.

Nowhere near the effect it had on you.

Tim Bradshaw

I've just stumbled across the album The Bairns and this song completely blew me away - it's an album with a sparse and bleak tone which takes some getting into, but this song just shone through and - like you - made me shiver all over.


I cannot hear this one with getting something in my eye. I always think of it when leaving Northumberland to return to America.

We have heard the Unthanks in northern Virginia and Newcastle. Michael Chapman too.

Thank for the link to the writer.

As we are learning in this dark year the bastards will not be happy until they take everything.


Hi John

I'm glad you like it. I see the Unthanks whenever I get a chance.

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