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05 February 2011


Brigada Flores Magon

Many thanks for posting this--unknown to me and deeply moving. My family research found ten generations of miners on my mother's side, from 1641 to 1841 the women and children all working underground on 15 hour shifts, from 1641 to 1799 all of them serfs. All the pits they worked are gone, the miners' rows are gone, but the obscene injustice of it all will never go away.


It's a really beautiful song about unbearable pain, and the singer in Unthanks sings it perfectly - very straight, very simple.

I have read about your mining family on your blog and did think about them when I was putting this up. It's a long injustice that can never be put right.


Fascinating - the Unthanks have just been over here, and your post adds a new dimension to their music. Thank you


They're coming here in April and playing at the Queen's Hall, which is a good sized venue. Last time they were in Scotland they were playing smaller, folkier venues, in smaller towns and not in Edinburgh, so evidently they are doing well.

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